Bank oF Malware

Joining the ranks to be one of the largest malware, virus, and malicious code hash and information databases available to the public.
Public Scene: 2011 Collecting since: 1994

BoM does not support or condone the creating of malicious software. We just gather information about it and archive copies of it for current education & future examinations as technology enhances in the field of reverse engineering. While not leaving out the history in it's self by tracking trends and techniques in the evolution of malicious code as an added bonus.

Beta testing of accounts going smooth!

So far the beta test have proven everything is coming to a stable platform, expect to see account registration open to the public very soon.
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Features and Benefits

Official IRC Channel/Server - #bom

Dont have an IRC client? Use the SmashTheStack web based client or download mIRC or X-Chat

Update: BoM hits 175,000+ samples!

No Duplicate Files!

Some people keep pets and animals, At Bank oF Malware we love our malicious code!
"Why hello there Mr. Trojan.PasswordSpy.A"

- Being apart of one of the most lively malware reversing communities around

- Verified malicious content (undetected specimens)

- MD5 verified to prevent duplicates

- Verified Collection: All samples are BoM maintainer collected or come from a BoM trusted source and analyzed by BoM members.

Is Reverse Engineering illegal in your country/local municipality?

Yes: No problemo! No, not Chuck Norris.

Inquire about a low cost remote analysis lab for this purpose! No more breaking the laws!

No: Yay!

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The Bank oF Malware was designed with sɹәәu!ƃuә әsɹәʌәɹ in mind..

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